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About Us

Driven by Success

33 Processing is a vertically integrated operation controlling it’s own supply chain for production and manufacturing from seed to final product.

We product fully biodegradable bioplastic from a custom proprietary biodegradable resin that can be utilized by virtually any existing plastic manufacturer.

Our sustainable hemp derived bioplastics are on the cutting edge of product manufacturing, decreasing our need for existing destructive petro based plastic products

Our Team

Innovative, Talented, Driven

Since opening our doors in 2000, the foundation of 33 Processing Bioplastics has come from the exceptional talent and true passion within our team. As the heart of what we do, each team member is dedicated to making sure clients are completely satisfied.

Joe Wicker 

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board 

For more information about our team, simply reach out.

Rhonda Peoples 

Vice President / Director of Sales 

Don Sebo 

Farming Director / Board Member 


Jason Oran

Farming Director / Board Member 

Dennis Hope 

Plastics Consultant / Board Member

Danny Upchurch

Director of Operations - Spiro, OK / Board Member

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